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Onlive and windows pc (cross platform)

since onlive games are ported from windows game, could u guys do a cross platform gaming on windows pc and onlive. onlive draws gamers from platforms like macs and Linux where this game will not run. this will invite more players from different platform into the battlefield. also console owners who do not have a gaming pc will be able to play through onlive since this game is not coming out on consoles. if this game has controller support then there will be games from the tablet market of onlive it will get competitive and we will all have fun


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    Charlie Wong

    It is such a great Idea, and is something that hasn't been done before!

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    This would be a new trend ,lets start it for Onlive.Just play.

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    Community Member

    I would be concerned that "porting" the game to other platforms would take resources away from making this a great game on its original platform.

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    Snow Blind


    To the person above me. The game is already coming to Onlive, it was demoed on Onlive at E3, all we are asking is for Onlive players to be able to join and fight the normal PC players, seeing as most of us use the PC client anyway :-) See

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    I can't wait for the OnLive version - cross platform play would be a really big deal and prove there is no difference between playing games on OnLive and playing games on a pc!

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    This would truly be awesome. Hopefully, Onlive and 2Dawn could possibly make this work.

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