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Linux Server Support

Dedicated server support for headless Linux boxes. Many community servers are ran on these machines rather than Windows.

A Linux game client would be great too but the server should be easier to implement whilst also providing potential benefits to both Windows and Linux players alike.

Alternatively, open sourcing the server code could work:


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    Will there be ANY dedicated servers even for Windows?

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    I run LAN parties (blatant pimp attempt:, and this is one of the largest problems for us in modern gaming; the lack of dedicated server support from titles.

    Battlefield 3 had a massive potential to be a huge LAN game, but due to the total* lack of dedicated server support (*unless authorised and white-listed) it barely gets played.

    Ravaged is crazy enough and large enough to have the same massive potential at becoming a LAN gaming classic. But for this it really needs to have dedicated server support and a decent interface to manage it. (console access and rcon will suffice, a nice little application that can remotely connect and control the server would cause our game admins to fall in love with you).

    As thefrenchtart says above, this needs to be headless and please don't make it simply a user client running in listening mode, having to install Gigs of game client to run a dedicated server makes us cry.

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    thefrenchtart ( Idea Submitter )

    On the FAQ they do mention several things that sound promising in regards to server support:

    Dedicated Servers: Yes

    Player-Owned Servers: Yes

    Dedicated Server Tools: Yes

    RCON Tools: Yes

    And one less good thing:

    Linux Servers: No

    I messaged the devs earlier today to ask about linux server support and although they couldn't commit to anything they did suggest that it was a possibility. Here's hoping :)

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    Community Member

    I read on the Kickstarter campaign, must reach 50k in funds to have Linux, plus many other things of course. Linux is nice, although it's not needed for dedicated servers, windows works extravagant. I hope they can make the "p2p" connection or whatever It's called similar to UT3. It's lag free. I haven't voted yet because there are other important codes to implement into the game.

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    qlum wyrfex

    Considering about 95% of the servers runs on some form of linux linux dedicated server support really should have taken priority over windows dedicated server support. The only place where linux doesn't dominate (yet) is the desktop/laptop market considering all major cellphone os's except ios and windows phone are based on linux.

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    Tony Boyd

    well it just makes sense to use an OS that is more stable require less hardware and just damnwell works

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