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I know the Linux server idea has already been posted, but just to keep them separate, it's probably a good idea to have this one as well.

Also with proof that Valve is working on porting their games to Linux (screenshots of L4D2 are online), this means Steam will also be coming to Linux and will make Linux deployment easier if you are going the steam route.


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    The key element in any Linux support for a game client is the API used to communicate with the graphics sub system - If the game uses OpenGL there is a possibility of it appearing on Linux, if the game uses DirectX which is proprietary to Microsoft we'll only ever see it ported to Linux if Microsoft decide to do this (of course one could run the client in Wine, at a performance hit - but we're talking native support).

    Interestingly many of the people I speak to at LANs and in the online gaming community in general all say the only reason they are still on windows is due to the games - based on that I doubt we'll ever see DirectX support moving away from Microsoft's closed platforms (Windows and Xbox)

    Still, I'm all up for a Linux client if possible!

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      natewiebe13 ( Idea Submitter )

      I completely agree, though I fail to see why you made this comment.

      The reason I posted this idea is so I don't have to use Wine or boot into Windows to play Ravaged. I'm assuming you are under the impression the game is built on DirectX. I haven't seen anything about this, so please shed some light.

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    @natewiebe13 Just as an educational piece really, to provide some background as to why games don't magically appear cross platform and why it's not as simple as the wider internet audience seems to think.

    From what I can glance it appears the engine in use is the Unreal 3 SDK, which is DirectX. If that's the case MAC and Linux support are doubtful, the Ravaged team will not have enough resources (even if out sourced) to get the SDK working on it's non native DirectX - that level of support would have to come from Epic them selves.

    I could as of course be very wrong. In either case, a Linux client is a nice thing to have, given the recent events and rumours of Steam coming to Linux (and one could safely assume some form of headline game ending in 3 will be released at the same time across all 3 platforms, one might even go as far to imply the entire Source engine has been ported to run cross platform - but this is all outside of scope I'm thinking!)

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      natewiebe13 ( Idea Submitter )

      Yeah, I totally agree with what you said. As far as it using UDK, I'm not sure the ravaged team would have even hinted a Linux version if that was the case. If they are, our only hope would be a version packaged with libwine, which I would neither play nor support. There are screenshots of native L4D 2 on Linux and I'm understanding they plan to support all of their source titles on Linux. But only time will tell.

      I'm not an average internet user asking for a Linux version like it's an easy thing. Being a programmer I'm fully aware of how difficult being cross platform and efficient can be.

      I'm just hoping to get some sort of response form the devs.

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    I have the same worries as has already been discussed /re a linux client but in an ideal world I would love to see one :) I've voted yes to this.

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    qlum wyrfex

    Unreal engine does not support linux other than android (android is still build upon the linux kernal)

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    Mike Jager

    A linux port would be marvelous, indeed. This would also open the way to port it on other POSIX systems, e.g., Android and Mac OS.

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    steve mitchell

    UE3 supports building for OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows. Icculus (Ryan Gordon) has done extensive work porting UE3 to Linux and even ported a full game recently (Dungeon Defenders). I would love to buy this game but at the moment I don't feel like running two instances of Steam. I'd love it if the devs could port it themselves or perhaps contact Mr. Gordon. I've played this game at a friends place and fell in love; its what RAGE should've been. :D

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